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 Motorcycle Chaps | Three Reasons You Need Them

There are plenty of good reasons to have motorcycle chaps. They're the sign of a serious biker. They make you look "cool."   Maybe you just like leather.


These are all good reasons. The real reasons you need them are simple. Protection, protection, protection.


1.   You need protection from the wind and weather on a long ride, especially at higher speeds. 

2.   If you are traveling in colder temperatures, chaps offer an extra layer of warmth. And...

3.   If you are forced to lay your bike down, they help protect against road rash.


Motorcycle chaps come in a wide range of sizes, so just about anyone who is interested can use them. The main color you will find is black, but other colors are available. Ladies tend to go for more variety in the color range, however, black is always available.

Generally zippered down the side, Motorcycle Chaps sometimes have snaps as well to fit better in the boot area. Some have lacings or fringe.

Many chaps come with thigh pockets secured by either a zipper or a snapped flap. Sometimes the pockets are open topped. These can be handy since it will be harder to get to your regular front pants pockets.

Another design feature is a "pleated" accordion section on the inner thigh that expands with movement, adding to the wearer's comfort. Many chaps come with zip-out lining that makes it easier to go between seasons.

A good set of well-fitted motorcycle chaps makes sense when it comes to having the best protection against the elements.  Regardless of the style or color, function should always be primary.

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